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Well Played Art For Football & Sports Fans

With our hometown hero’s the Denver Broncos playing in the AFC Conference Championship today, it seems that everyone has football and sports on the mind. We sure do! Our love for art, painting, and diverse inspiration extends beyond our studio and particular styles to many different subjects, genres, and mediums of art. In particular we find it inspirational to see partners, artists, and fans alike supporting unique styles and subjects of one of our favorite past times. 

In honor of our Denver Broncos and all the players of the many different sports that we love to watch… We thought it only appropriate to feature some of the most unique, established, and diverse sports artists we’ve come to appreciate, sports art collections, and sports art available for purchase. 

The Sports Art Professionals

There are too many sports artists for us to possibly list but over time we have sought of some of our favorites to look at, analyze, and enjoy. At the current moment in time there is a slightly partialness to painting of different types. Here are some of the favorites!

Not only does Dick Perez have amazingly cool watercolor paintings, he also lists a price schedule for commissioned paintings! We may be no Herm Edwards but the opportunity to be featured by a professional and established artist is very cool.

Perez is internationally recognized as a preeminent artist in the world of baseball and each year Perez paints the official portraits of newly inducted members for display at the Hall of Fame during the player’s induction year.

Unfortunately we didn’t see any of the Denver Broncos in Stephen Holland’s current collection but his artwork is spectacular none the less. His portrayal of infamously tough sports characters in very prominent to both his styles, his influence, and the market that he has found himself immersed in. 

Stephen Holland at Limelight Agency

There is struggle and triumph, grit and glory, humanity and spirit, in every Holland painting.

For more than a decade Edgar Brown has been at the forefront of sports art in America. He has redefined sports art with his natural ability to capture the movement, power, and technique of some of our greatest athletes. Inspired by his family and his love for sports, he has succeeded in producing some of the most powerful sports paintings in the world.

Edgar has had the opportunity to paint many prominent sports figures including  Lawrence Taylor, Mark Bavaro, Ottis Anderson, Phillipi Sparks, Tiki Barber & Michael Strahan

See Edgar Brown’s Collection

Perhaps one of the most famous artists that is featured today is Leroy Neiman. We’re also proud to see John Elway, one of Denver’s biggest sports icons, featured in his work.

Leroy was an American artist known for his brilliantly colored, expressionist paintings and screen prints of athletes, musicians, and sporting events.

The unique style that Leroy Neiman shows in his sports paintings is truly incredible to analyze. The way he combines his colors, the perspectives he shows, and the action that he captures is awesome. He certainly has left a lasting impression both in the world of art as well as sports.

Take a look at Leroy’s sports collection.

Mark has discovered his passion in blending his sport interests with his artistic endeavors of painting sport athletes in action.  He believes this genre challenges the artist to capture movement, drama and emotion versus the recording of a still-life painting.

Both the landscapes and the subjects of Mark’s paintings are truly wonderful. It’s also fun to see the variety of sports (waterspouts, racing, among the other common sports) that he paints.

Mark shows a little Bronco love in his sports gallery!

Sports Art Collections

  • If you’re ever make Daphne, Alabama a destination or are passing thorough be sure to stop and check out the American Sport Art Museum and Archives. Visit ASAMA online.
  • Founded in 1984, the American Sport Art Museum and Archives (ASAMA) is dedicated to the preservation of sports art, history and literature. The ASAMA collection is composed of more than 1,500 pieces across all media, including paintings, sculptures, assemblages, prints, posters and photography.

  • At unWined we enjoying sharing our love for the art of wine, enjoyment of painting, and indulging in both side-by-side in a relaxing atmosphere. Furthermore, we will always appreciate an attempt to preserve and share art. Especially when collections are aimed at helping people understand and enjoy different cultures. Kudos to NAMOS!
  • The National Art Museum of Sport (NAMOS) has a two-pronged mission: to encourage sport artists in their efforts to create sport art, and to collect, preserve and share through exhibits the best examples of sport art it can acquire. NAMOS was founded in 1959 in New York City by Germain G. Glidden (GGG), a portrait artist and champion squash player with a strong belief in sport and art as universal languages understood and appreciated by all people.

Sports Art For You

  • Fine Art America’s Sports collection is diverse, expansive, and intriguing. Specific sports featured here include Baseball, Basketball, Football, Golf, Hockey, Softball, Soccer, and Tennis. 

  • With a few clicks, artists and photographers can upload their images to, set their prices, and instantly sell prints, throw pillows, greeting cards, iPhone cases, apparel, and more to a global audience of online buyers… More than 100,000 living artists and photographers currently offer six million images for sale on – with thousands of new artists and images being added each week.   Each month, more than five million visitors stop by to purchase prints from this ever-expanding collection and to socialize and network with the artists and other art collectors.

  • A diverse range of artists from around the world and wide range of prices allow people access to art that once wasn’t possible at UGallery. We support their mission in working “to simplify the vast art industry into a manageable and enjoyable experience.” Their particular sports collections offers an array of painting, photography, sculpture, mixed media, and more. On a side note, a quick search for “wine” brings up an equally impressive collection of various mediums and art pieces about one of our favorite beverages 🙂

  • UGallery makes it possible for everyone to own original art.”

  • Though our search for the best  and most interesting places to buy sports art, we came across an unlikely source. Costco Wholesale has a section for commissioned art pieces that are not only reasonably priced but unique and easy to purchase. Featuring a significant amount of football subjects in a cool style by Dave Hobrecht, we recommend checking out the collection!

Whether you are a sports fan and art aficionado or just like to explore diverse art styles and subjects there is a vast array of material out there to enjoy. Between the many talented artists, famous collections of sports related art, and buying and selling hotspots there is something that can appeal to most! Enjoy!

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