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Put It On Display

You sipped a little wine, you met some new friends, and you painted your first masterpiece. You had a wonderful evening, but now what do you do with your creation?
Take charge and embrace the art! You might be surprised how great it would look in your home if you display it in the right place. After all, the beauty of art is in the eye of the beholder. Step back from your painting and try to see it as others might. Most likely, no one is going to stare closely at it. Most likely, people are going to view it as part of the room — and that’s how you should as well.

Pick up your piece and walk around the house. Hold it up on different walls, in different light, near other objects. Is it fitting in? Try it in places that are unexpected, maybe on a closet door or at the end of a hall. Depending on the size and color, it may be just what that little neglected space needs.

What about your office? Decorating a work space with items that are personally pleasing can relieve stress and actually have a calming effect.

Take stock of the colors and patterns in your painting and repeat them around the room. Pillows, upholstery or even a vase on a bookshelf is a great way to tie the room together with color. Do you have a wall of favorite photos and memorabilia? Bring your painting into the mix and make it a part of the collection.

Framing the painting you created at unWined is another way to make your work stand out and give it more importance. Hobby and craft stores are filled with DIY frames and even pre-cut mats. But if you would feel more comfortable having a pro do the work, those same shops offer that service as well.

If you want something a bit different or are having trouble finding just the right wall space, think out of the box. What about propping up your painting at the back of a dresser or displaying it on an easel? Do you have a big open space that you don’t know how to fill? What about an easel for each member of the family? Make it a gallery of sorts by changing out the work and encouraging everyone to express themselves.

Just because a painting wasn’t signed by a famous artist, doesn’t mean it can’t be displayed proudly in your space and look like a million bucks.

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