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Reservations Available Now!

We invite you to join us on Saturday, October 22, from 2 to 4pm for a fun afternoon of painting pumpkins — but don’t wait to make your reservations because this Autumn Event is sure to fill up fast. It’s our way of celebrating the season and the kick-off of Halloween.
All ages are welcome so why not make this a family affair? Everyone will need to bring a medium-sized pumpkin and all the paint and materials are included in the $20 price of admission. A glass of apple cider will be provided to every participant and of course, the unWined bar will be available for those over 21 who wish to purchase wine and premium beer.

Why carve when you can paint?

Think about it: painting pumpkins has none of the disadvantages of carving. No knives are needed so even the youngest children (and those of us who may be a little accident prone) can create their masterpiece without fear of injury. The pumpkin will last longer when it remains intact. And most importantly, there are no pumpkin seeds clinging to your shirt and stuck to your shoes. Sure, there are paint brushes to clean and some possible spills to wipe up, but unWined takes care of all the clean-up so all you have to do is have a good time and enjoy the afternoon.

Tips & Tricks

Learn the tips and tricks of painting on pumpkins and take home your work to display indoors or outdoors, on a table or hearth, your front patio or walkway. Do you still have your large flower pots outside? Turn them upside down and use them as a base for your pumpkin display. Or what about that tree stump you’ve been saving? Wrap the base with some patio lights, rope lights or halloween decorations and feature your pumpkin. Inside the house, try setting your pumpkin on a candle plate, a round mirror, in a basket or perhaps on top of a wood slice. You put in the work — now show it off!
If this all sounds too good to keep to yourself, contact us about scheduling a private Pumpkin Party for you and your friends, your office or for the neighborhood kids. Remember all you have to bring is the pumpkins and we do the rest. You don’t have to think up the activities. You don’t have to entertain the guests or supply the paint. When the party is over, you get to go home — all without lifting a finger.

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