How to Get the Most Out of Your First Art Class and Have a Blast

Standout From The Rest In Your Art Class

When it comes to joining an art class at studios like unWined, it can be difficult to feel at ease right from the start. After all, you’re surrounded by strangers, and even though you might feel confident about your doodles, creating a real painting and having other people – who might also happen to be more artistic than you – examine it and judge it could seem like too much at first.


However, if you’re bold and brave enough to go on, you’ll find that the whole experience will be more positive rather than negative.


Joining a fun art class for beginners should be the first of your aims. Don’t try to attend an art class run by professionals right from the start. Instead, look for a paint and sip event or a more informal art class that will cover the basics and provide beginners with some friendly guidance and a good opportunity to find new acquaintances.


Another important thing to do is familiarize yourself with the tools and materials you will have at your disposal. Make sure you read up about canvases and different types of paints, and find out in advance if you’ll be working on oil paintings, watercolors or other types of painting techniques.


Finally, go there with an open mind and heart, and expect people to be friendly. The main point of a beginner’s art class is to socialize, so don’t worry too much about your performance. Just mingle with the crowd.