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It’s that time of year when friends and family — as well as co-workers — gather together to celebrate the holidays. Planning a party can be lots of fun but it can be difficult to keep everyone entertained. Especially challenging for a small office or close family members who see each other on a regular basis, a social get-together can be more of a command performance rather than a fun afternoon or evening.

A simple ornament and a little ribbon set on top of a traditional invitation makes a beautiful presentation.

We invite you to book your next party at unWined — and we promise it will be the easiest, least stressful holiday wing-ding you’ve ever planned! We’ll provide all the materials, including paint, brushes, aprons, 16×20 canvas, and easels. And the best part of the deal? Setup and cleanup is on us! We require a minimum of 10 guests to book the studio but our space holds up to 40 people so the more the merrier! If you prefer, we can bring the party to you!

A small wreath with an invitation attached at the back can be easily personalized.

For your convenience, you can check out the available dates right here on our website. Then give us a call at 303-694-0692 or send us a note. We’ll answer all of your questions, make suggestions and together we’ll nail down the details for your party.

Fill a mini Christmas stocking with candies or special treats and roll up a tiny paper with party details.

Get the ball rolling with a fun and creative invitation. After all, if the invitation is festive, interest in the party is sure to be peaked. No more posting the Christmas Party info on a bulletin board or texting friends!  Previous guests will tell you: a paint party at unWined is worthy of a personal invitation.

For little money and little effort, you can create an invitation that lets your guests know that this event is going to be special.

All of the items shown can be purchased at most dollar stores. However, for those who want to step it up, the same items can be found at places like Target, craft stores and specialty shops. It all depends on your budget and your personal taste.

So easy… Tuck a note into holiday tin packed with peppermint candies.

A pinecone — even one from your yard — makes a great little card holder.

Keep it simple. Party details can be hand written on packaged invitations or printed from your computer; rolled as a scroll, folded, in an envelope, cut in the shape of  star… whatever works best for you. It’s all about making your guests feel special and giving them a clue that your party is going to be a great get-together.

Check out our calendar and book your holiday party with us. It’s easy. It’s fun. It’s a wonderful way to unWined after a very busy year.

 Get the party started!

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