Fighting Anxiety – Can Painting Really Reduce Your Stress Levels?

Painting Is Soothing

Recent studies point to the possibility that painting might be able to reduce stress and anxiety levels, especially when you attend one of the canvas and cocktails Denver venues. If you ever picked up a brush and easel in your past, then you probably already know this. But how much of an impact does painting really have on your stress?


To answer that, it’s important to understand how the mind works and why painting might be relaxing in the first place. While some people consider that painting simply cancels out the logical part of the brain, allowing us to bask in the chaos and give our intellect a rest, others are of a different opinion.


If we examine most art styles and even basic paintings and drawings made by little children, we find that there is always a form of logic embedded in the painting. In many cases, however, that logic doesn’t follow our normal linear thought process. Instead, it is rather based on a type of harmony that shows how the brain, in its “natural” state, actually views the world in wholes, rather than fragments. A good example is picturing a flower and trying to draw it.


The best artists already have a clear, vivid picture of the flower in their minds, and they don’t necessarily require special techniques to cover the shadow separately, the stem separately and the petals as separate, tiny entities.


Artists and researchers are beginning to identify the fact that, the main reason why painting is so soothing, is because it puts us in touch with that natural approach to harmoniously arranging our thinking patterns that allows us to bridge the fragmentation of our minds.