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DIY Wine Craft Ideas for Your Home

Get Crafty and Spruce Up Your Wine Accessories!

Not only do we like getting crafty in the studio at unWined Painting but we have also found arts and crafts to be a rather relaxing and enjoyable hobby at home. Giving yourself a creative outlet can be beneficial in many ways. It can help to reduce stress, increase brain activity, and allow for a more relaxed state of mind. In addition, creating something useful can give a person a strong sense of accomplishment.

When we are involved in (creativity), we feel that we are living more fully than during the rest of life. – Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Along with these benefits we simply find it fun to create things that are used in everyday life. Whether creating a project from scratch or going out of your way to use only repurposed materials, the internet can be a wonderful point of inspiration. Ideas and examples are so widely shared, it can often be intimidating to choose which will be your next endeavor!

Following suit, today we have gathered a number of wine-themed arts and crafts for all skill levels. Whether your looking to decorate for your next part in unique ways, or your just looking for a short weekend project, take some inspirations from some ideas that we have found to be creatively inspiring!

DIY Wine Racks

Rather than just storing those bottles of wine above the fridge, on an old book case, or the back of the counter, take some time to gather materials and inspiration that allow you to present your bottles in an entertaining, creative, and artistic way! See some of the ideas below to get yourself started.

Wine Rack Made From Upcycled Vinyl Records

Check out this awesome and eco friendly wine rack! It’s perfect for the music and wine lover. This is a great project allowing one to use some of those old records that are collecting dust. The additional materials needed are of a very minimal cost and the skill required to create and assemble is fairly minimal. Good luck! Thanks to for the inspiration.

Upcycled Milk Crate Wine Rack

Being able to preserve anything of a vintage nature is a simple way to preserve a little bit of history. While an old milk crate or beer crate may not have much monetary value or historical significance, it presents an opportunity to use something in the way it has been used for many years over, while making some modern adjustments. Kudos to for the great idea.

Turn an Old Dresser Into a Wine Bar

Rather than haul away an old dresser that might be out of style, have broken slides on the drawers, or has just been unused, turn it into a wine bar! has a wonderful tutorial on how to turn that old dresser into a unique living room piece to store and serve your adult guests. With minimal deconstruction and clear directions on measuring and assembling this is a weekend project anyone can handle!

Recycled Pallet Wine Bottle and Glass Rack

Reusing pallets these days are all the rage. But.. Hey, why not hop on a train that’s based off of recycling and repurposing old materials! There is no better reason to follow a fad if you ask us. Instructables is a wonderful gathering place to share methods for creating and building both small and large projects. Thanks to this user and Instructables for posting their process!

DIY Wine Glass Customization and Restoration

Tired of those plain old wine glasses sitting around in the cabinets? Looking for an affordable way to reuse some second-hand wine glasses? Or just looking to get creative in a simple way? Take a look at some inspirational ideas to turn those wine glasses from plain to unique!

Custom Glitter Wine Glasses has provided web surfers everywhere with wonderful instructions on personalizing wine glasses with easily accessible materials! Whether you choose to use letters, numbers, or something creative you think of on your own, these instructions can help even the most beginner-crafter turn something plain into something sparkling!

Wine Glass and Shot Glass in One

Use this creative idea to provide entertainment to your party guests! Yes, they’re entertaining to use but they’re also entertaining to create. Set up a station with glasses of various sizes (plastic is recommended for ease of creation and use), paint, and clear plastic glue or epoxy. Print out some instructions from and create away!

At Home Custom Glass Etching

While this project involves some slightly harsh etching solutions and use of protective gear, you’ll end up with a professional look! The options for the design of choice are endless and you’ll learn a skill that will allow you to customize gifts, party favors, and anything else you want to be especially unique! See the article on for supplies lists and instructions.

Easy Made Gilded Lace Stem Wine Glasses

You choose the glass, you choose the lace, and you choose the color! Variations of style and color are endless, as all you have to do is pick out your favorite lace (in a pre-painted color, or paint your own), grab the rest of the supply list, and paint and glue away! Add a little subtle pizzaz to your wine glasses with a fun evening or weekend project, by yourself or with your friends. Thanks to for the wonderful instructions and ideas.

Hopefully some of these crafty wine inspired arts and crafts ideas will allow you a creative outlet! Whether you take a little time every now-and-again or decide to set aside an entire afternoon or weekend to repurpose some old furniture and turn those wine glasses into something new… An enjoyable hobby will ultimately be productive and entertaining. You can gain a sense of accomplishment, learn some new skills, and probably provide some entertainment to friends and family.

Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious…and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. – Walt Disney Company

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