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Create new traditions with unWined when we host a Christmas Ornament Paint Party on Saturday, December 17 from 2 to 4pm. We’ll provide each painter with two large bulbs to work on and whether you use our examples or your own ideas, we’ll be there to offer assistance and support.

Keep the ornaments for your own holiday decorations or give them to two lucky people on your gift list, and as always, we encourage you to take our painting tips and lessons home with you to create your own projects.

Get the kids involved by combining their fingerprints or handprints with your artwork. Perfect for grandparent gifts or to display on your own tree, these will no doubt be special pieces saved from year to year.

Sometimes finding the exact ornament, the right color or the perfect design to compliment your home’s decor seems all but impossible. However, when you paint your own, you can not only get exactly want you want, you can create ornaments that no one has ever seen before. And this project is not just for the holidays. Painted ornaments can be easily coordinated with themes and color schemes of any party or special event. Just imagine all the different ways they could be used at a wedding.

Colorful and modern designs might be easier than you think. Swirling acrylic paint on the inside of the glass ball can be all you need to do. Or take it up a notch and apply a second design on the outside of the ornament as well. Gold leaf can be a stunning addition! Try using many of these — each will be unique — in a large bowl as a centerpiece on a table.

Don’t forget you can fill ornaments after you decorate them. Enhance your artwork by adding small pearls, faux snow, or even candy. Make it even easier by using pre-made stencils to ensure you get the look you want.


Paisley your thing? How about personalized ornaments? A paint pen will make light of the project. Remember: small ornaments can easily take the place of gift tags.

Join us on December 17 for a little wine, a little art and a whole lot of fun!

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