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Be Creative With Summer Party Ideas!

Take hold of the summer and find creative ways to affordably throw parties for your friends and family.

Summertime is in full swing. While we cherish the opportunity to host our loved ones and friends all year around, somehow summertime has a special way of making parties and get-togethers just seem… Right.

So why not throw a party for you and your friends? Worried about having the means, time, and creativity to host a group while making it easy on yourself? Whether you have a special occasion to celebrate or just want to celebrate the opportunity to spend time with friends and family, finding creative ways to engage your party goers will make the occasion special, fun, and memorable. There are many ways that this can be done, that make it easy and cheap for the host, without taking away from the experience.

Because in the end, creating a good time and good memories for yourself and others is the main goal! We’ve gathered some creative and affordable ways that we hope you can take inspiration from when planning your next summer gathering!

Hire A Food Truck!

Visit Colorado Food Truck row to reserve your very own food truck today! They have a list of over 40 local food trucks that could potentially make your summer party a hit! Make it an even bigger hit by serving local craft brews and wines from Colorado! Take the time to write up a chalk board with drink and wine pairing suggestions for your guests. 

About Food Truck Row    Hire Your Food Truck Today!

We are a community of Colorado-based Gourmet Food Trucks, specializing in Feeding Massive Hungry Crowds!!!

Food trucks are the perfect way to cater your next event—food trucks provide a hassle-free, gourmet experience unmatched by standard catering. With a gourmet food truck onsite, your guests can select from a set menu or order right from the truck.

We will provide the cuisine to make your event a success. For ultimate variety, we’ll bring out a fleet of food trucks to complement any event theme.


Back Yard Movie Party 

Why not have your very own movie night? But this time, do it in style. Outdoors, large theater style screen, grills, and a drink bar stocked with wine, juice, beer, and soda. Invite a few friends or all the families in the neighborhood over to enjoy a night of food and entertainment. 

For the movie screen: 

  • Check out these home made movie screens from Instructables for inspiration! Home Made Screen on a Budget and Projector Screen on a Budget

  • Pick up an inflatable movie screen from Target

  • Get creative and hang a sheet from the side of the house or garage, or use some string to hang one up like you would a sheet on a clothes line!

For projectors on suggestion would be to visit Amazon to find an array and large price range of easy to use computer projectors (or hook it one to a dvd player). Your local electronics store most likely has a large selection also!

Mystery Wine (and Cheese) Tasting Party 

Host a mystery wine tasting party! Have the ticket to entry per person/couple be: To bring 2 identical bottles of wine with one of them wrapped in craft paper. Put a number on the ‘mystery’ craft paper wrapped wine bottle when they arrive. 

Once everyone has shown up line the wrapped bottles at a wine tasting table with score cards. You can place the unwrapped bottles of wine aside in basket for to be claimed as winning prizes. Have all your party guests taste and rank each wine throughout the evening. Before the party winds down, count the votes, and award prizes to the 3 guests who got the most votes for the best tasting wine (you can divide it up by 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place or divvy up the bottles equally)!

For an extra kick have guests bring a mystery cheese. Award small prizes to guests who were able to correctly identify the numbered mystery cheeses!

Favorite Food Theme Party

The best things about this type of party are the endless variations that you can apply to your party and the fact that the host doesn’t have to spring for the entire meal and drink cost! Take RSVPs to make sure that all your bases are covered. See if you can get some inspiration from some of these ideas!

  • Favorite Food and Wine Pairing Party: Have each guest bring a dish, appetizer or desert, accompanied by their favorite wine or beer pairing. 
  • Chili Cook-Off: It’s time for a throw down. Get the whole neighborhood, friend circles, family members, or everyone together to crown the chili king (or queen!).
  • Take Out Party: Have each guest bring a dish or two from their favorite take out restaurant. Now everyone can save a little time! Who doesn’t like to indulge in a bunch of take-out every now and again.
  • Favorite Pies Party: As simple as it sounds! Have each guest bring their favorite pizza and/or favorite desert pie to the party. Add a little extra challenge for your attendees by requesting to see if they make each at home rather than buying it at the store!
  • Regional Cuisine Party: One of the most popular dinner party themes is regional cuisine. If you’ve got guests with picky taste, stick with cultures whose foods are more mainstream (at least by Americans standards), such as Italian, Mexican or Chinese. Adventurous party themes could include Thai, Ethiopian, Indian or Japanese cuisine. Mix it up and have each guest bring a dish from a different cuisine and make it a World Food Party!
  • Breakfast for Dinner: Have everyone bring their favorite breakfast dish to share. For extra fun have everyone wear pajamas and set up a self serve cereal bar!
  • Finger Foods Only: Make this an entry requirement! No silverware, just food. Choose from a range of appetizers, main courses, and deserts. For some inspiration check out 61 Easy and Delicious Finger Food Recipes from Martha Stewart60 Easiest Finger Foods Ever by, and Party Food Recipes by the BBC’s Good Food.
  • Potluck from the Past: During dinner, guests can explain how their dishes were created, and tell any favorite family stories associated with it, such as the Thanksgiving when Aunt Dorothy pulled out this very gelatin mold from her fridge and it slid onto the floor. Extra points go to guests who bring the recipe with them or a photo of them as a child during the time they typically ate the dish they brought.

Hopefully you have been able to stir up some inspiration for ways to make your next get-together fun and memorable! Make it a challenge to create the most unique and fun environment, that caters to everyone’s needs and budget, without making too much work for yourself!

As important as it is to have a creative and unique theme for your party, the most important part is being able to share memories with friends and family. The food and decor aspects of your party are just an excuse to get creative while focusing on creating an entertaining, social, and comfortable environment that will make for an event to remember.

May your summer be filled with fun, friends, and family!

Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.

– Kevin Arnold (The Wonder Years)

Memories the one thing that can never be taken away from us. Make lots of them!

– Catherine Pulsifer

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